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I write women's fiction – Contemporary Romance with a little bit of humor, dazzle and definitely sexy men.

The characters in Love Behind the Lines pivot around six main characters and whilst this main portion of the series is complete - you never know I might revisit them - a few years down the road in their life.

In the meantime I'm just about ready to release book 1 in my new Fireman/woman series. Love Behind the Flames.....


The first few chapters were published in an anthology titled Serendipity. This was released in New Zealand, however due to COVID I was unable to attend. Sad but true.

Book 1 'Inferno and Rein' is Fire-woman story and is complete, currently sitting with my fabulous editor. To say I got a kick out of writing this one is an understatement. My good fried L told me it's hilarious..... 

Also in the works is my 2nd in the Fireman series. Yep this time a fireman..... Woop.

I love suggestions and feedback so be sure to tell me who you want to see more of.


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